TUM Pilot Plant for Industrial Biotechnology

The TUM Pilot Plant for Industrial Biotechnology is in charge of

  • enabling the production of sufficiently large amounts of new biocatalysts, functional proteins, and  biomaterials,
  • offering of the prerequisites for establishment of novel biotechnological production processes on a technically relevant scale,
  • promoting transfer of technologies via the demonstration of technical processes, and
  • contributing to a practically oriented education of graduate students in the field of Industrial Biotechnology.


The TUM Pilot Plant for Industrial Biotechnology enables to perform biotechnological processes up to the m3-scale and to obtain highly purified biotechnological products up to the kg-scale. The TUM Pilot Plant can be utilized by scientists of Technische Universität München and, under certain circumstances, by qualified scientists of other research institutions or private enterprises.

Operation and maintenance of the scientific research equipment including supply of media as well as the instruction and guidance of scientists using this research equipment will be conducted by the personnel of the TUM Pilot Plant for Industrial Biotechnology.